Sex Workers and LBT report increased violations of their rights in different towns in Rwanda. There are numerous reports of arrests of sex workers late at night, physical violence by their customers and partners, rape and extortion, while some LBT have been denied jobs because of their sexual orientation yet they face discrimination wherever they report

FADA, uses various avenues spread across the country, to advocate and fight for the rights of these women to be respected. The following are some of the means that we use;

Monitoring, reporting and follow-up of rights abuses

Using their networks across the country, FADA manages to monitor and report human rights abuses brought forward to the respective officers in charge. Follow up is also done so that these cases meet conclusion.

Legal Aid

FADA is in partnership with different Human Rights organizations, to provide free legal aid clinics and sensitisations for the Sex Worker and LBT communities to learn their rights and also to provide representation in cases of arrests or any rights violations.


With assistance from different organizations, FADA pushes for inclusion of Sex Workers and the LBT community in designing programs for their benefits for example National HIV & AIDS Strategic Plans. We are also still pushing to have the Key Population community represented in the different decision-making bodies that cater for their sexual and reproductive health and rights for example the Rwandan- Global Fund CCM.

“Nothing for us, without us”

Leveraging human rights based approach to COVID-19 responses in the city of Kigali