Sex Workers and the LBT community continue to face multiple risks including social marginalization and violence. These coupled with their inability to access bank accounts, loans and other legal forms of credit have restricted their ability to improve their living and working conditions and to achieve economic security.

Economic empowerment can however be an important strategy to improve their living and working conditions. By increasing their economic options, they can achieve greater financial security which makes it easier for them to make important decisions that shape their lives for example to save and plan for the future or to reduce the likelihood of sex workers having to accept clients’ requests for unprotected sex.

These are some of the strategies that we believe will empower our members.

Informal Saving Schemes

FADA encourages members to start informal savings schemes where they meet weekly to save and discuss income generating activities. This encourages them to save and start their own small business to improve their financial security.

Income Generating Activities (IGA)

As an organisation, FADA plans to start income generating activities in order to be both self sustaining and also to increase skills and economic options of their members.

Due to their involvement in these initiatives, the need to earn money quickly from sex work (some LBT members also practice sex work to make ends meet) will reduce and will be on their terms.

Input of members is fundamental if these economic programmes are to be a success.