FEMINIST ACTION DEVELOPMENT AMBITION (FADA)                                                                                                                        

Tender Opportunity to Supply Food and hygiene materials to 80 women-led household affected by COVID-19 in the Southern Province and the City of Kigali


Rwanda like other countries worldwide was affected by COVID-19, trade and the social economic impact of the virus affected Rwandans especially the most vulnerable citizen including daily workers and other who are in informal sectors.

The Government of Rwanda took a step by assisting them with food and hygiene materials, vulnerable citizen who are daily workers and others in the informal sectors because of their inability to afford food and hygiene materials during the period they are required to observe quarantine measures by staying home.

It is within this background that FADA envisages to support 80 women affected by COVID19 in the City of Kigali with basic foods and hygiene products.

About the tender

FADA hereby invites bids from bidders for a tender opportunity. The selected supplier will supply foods and hygiene products to 80 women located in the City of Kigali. The eligible supplier must be ready to supply the following items:


3Cooking oil160
11Pads for women/piece160

NB: Suppliers may detail their different varieties/types of each item and price per each type of an item in their quotations.

Interested candidates are requested to submit quotations not later than 23th June 2020.  The proposals should be sent marked with the assignment title ‘’ Tender to Supply Food and hygiene materials to 80 women in the City of Kigali’’. The quotation documents are to be submitted exclusively at fadarwanda@gmail.com. Hard copy applications will not be considered.

For further information or clarification, do not hesitate to email us at fadarwanda@gmail.com   or call on +250787672769 during working hours.