Hassna Murenzi


Hassna Uwingabe Murenzi is a queer feminist and human rights activists. She has been a part of the Rwandan sex workers’ and LGBTIQ movement for the last 13 years. In 2007 they became Vice President in the LGBTIQ organization HOCA (Horizon Community Association), which was part of the successful campaign against the criminalization of LGBTIQ people in the Rwandan penal code. The strengthening of the sex workers’ community and improved coordination between “key population” groups is among the successes during this time.

As the Executive Director of FADA (Feminist Action Development Ambition), she has been able to create a clear vision for the organization and strengthen the engagement with the sex worker and LBTQ communities. FADA also engages in policy and law advocacy to improve health and livelihoods for sex workers and LBTQ people and combat gender based violence and discrimination. Hassna is Vice Chair on the board of ASWA (African Sex Workers Alliance) and member of the International Steering Committee for the Red Umbrella Fund

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