Juju The Feminist – Sad Reality

adult-africa-beautiful-1046601-e1542670356773Young Children in my society @Rwanda are facing a lot we need to speak for them as feminists, which needs a lot of attention.

Indirect involvement of children within parents conflicts causing great harm to the children, leading to children being victims.

And I was like as a feminist I feel their pain and the only way is to raise out my voice vocally on behalf of the children to the world Mostly Africa. I personal I feel that we as feminists we are not doing enough, because the children in my society are suffering enough.

Which makes me question myself, what are we doing for our children to make the world a better place for them because they are the next generation.

FADA shares it’s members’ blogs that support and relate to the female empowerment movement. This blog is specifically from Juju Bathamuliza, FADA’s legal consultant. Follow her blog on the following link bellow for more interesting content.


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