Naila The Scholar: Part 1

pexels-photo-268833Naila stood on her parent’s back porch, gazing at the plane flying above her. Her desires of hopping on to the plane made the emotions swill in her head to the extent of tears. She heard the voice of her mother calling her name come closer and then she quickly wiped her tears away. Only she must know the enormous effect planes have on her recently, otherwise hopping on it would remain an aspiration for the rest of her life.

Naila grew up a very competitive and high achieving scholar. She excelled in everything she did and was considered the golden child in her family. Her attention started drifted from her school work was when she met her the daughter of her father’s colleague, Francine. Naila had never seen anyone so beautiful in her life.  Francine and her parents had come to visit Naila’s family for Eid Al-Adha. Even though the visit had lasted only an hour, Naila felt like it had lasted her whole lifetime at only 11 years old. Naila spent the whole week smelling Francine’s sweet scent of cherries everywhere, seeing her blue eyes every time she looked in the sky and rubbing her hand on her brown teddy bear, imagining she was brushing her hands in Francine’s hair. Naila received an invitation from Francine to spend the weekend at Francine’s home and Naila was in the heart of that moment. She was puzzled by the quick invitation but she did not allow herself to spend another moment questioning it, she had to prepare herself to impress Francine as equally as she was impressed.

Only two weekends spend at Francine’s parent’s home and Naila had never been so exasperated with confusion in her life. Naila was exactly the same age as Francine and the exact same gender, Naila was off her rocker with her need to be as close to Francine as she could. Furthermore, Naila was astonished that she sensed that Francine wanted the same. The third weekend arrived, Naila and Francine were laying on Francine’s bed staring at Francine’s roof which had was filled with paintings of stars of all colors. Naila had never felt a moment so perfect, the only thing she felt that was missing was Francine’s beautiful, soft hands on hers. Naila looked at Francine, mustering all her strength to ask for Francine’s hand to be on hers. Suddenly, Naila saw Francine’s eyes locking her own and Naila heard Francine ask in her adorable French accent, “Do you want to be my first kiss, Nana?”.

Naila the scholar Part 2 coming soon…

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